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Forum Thread: How to knit a beret on a loom?

Hello---I am Very new to loom knitting and sill don't really know howto read paterns or adapt needle patters to looms. ButI would love to be able tomak a pretty beret to wear. I am ntsure how t make all the different types of stitches yet either, so if there is a video link to a beret somewhere,or a pattern for dummies---could someone email me please.ThanksFrankie

Forum Thread: Newbie with pattern/stitch question (s)

Am a newbie!! (both to this forum and to loom knitting) I have been watching Good Knit Stitches "how to" videos and would like to know where is the best place to get patterns. I saw a hat she had taught the decrease method and would like to have the pattern.  She had used a very light green color and it looked to be straight knit for so many rows and then she switched to a what looked like a knit/purl, although I know it was just the basic loom stitch on the top. I guess I also need to learn ...

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