Loom Knit: NEW Triple Rib Stitch Revealed

NEW Triple Rib Stitch Revealed

OMG I'm soooo excited! I did a totally original loom video!!! My YouTube - Please subscribe!

This stitch is usually done on needles only and I've never seen it on a loom...until Now! Yay!  

The rib stitch is a classic stitch that showcases 1 or more knit stitches together between purl.  Every row the knit stitches are all stacked on top of each other (and also the purl) to create columns which make the desired "ribbed" effect.  Usually you will see a single rib stitch or double rib stitch done on the loom but not a triple.  While I was learning how to make videos I experimented on making a triple rib stitch.  Here it is.  Three videos are included.  one is the discovery of the stitch, the second is how to loom it and the third is how to cast off.  Have fun using it on a new project!

Have fun, Thanks for watching and Happy Looming!! ©2011 GoodKnit Kisses

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I am subscribed to your website and I have to say....your videos are so awesome. The camera is always right on target, never shakey, and you my dear are so descriptive with all your tutorials. You are a pleasure to watch and learn from and I am so thrilled to have found you. God Bless you for helping people the way you do. I am a beginner with Loom Knitting and fast becoming better each day and that is thanks to you. Just one of your biggest fans.... maryblueyes41@gmail.com

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