News: Curious About Loom Knitting?

Curious About Loom Knitting?

Loom Knitting is so nice because it is easy to learn and great for people of almost all ages.  There are no needles required.  Just a loom, a small special knitting tool and yarn are all you need to get started.

There are many stitches that imitate traditional knitting with needles.  Don't get me wrong though, loom knitting or knitting on a "rake" has been around for hundreds of years.  It is faster than traditional knitting and it's extra wonderful for those who have carpel tunnel or other hindering issues with holding long knitting needles for period at a time.

Lets start by what Loom looks like and what projects they can be used for.  Below is a video on different looms I own and a few projects you can make.  Also included is a video of yarn types and what may be the best yarn for you to use or how to decide when you are in the store buying and don't know what to start.

Have fun knitting out there!  WARNING!  It IS addictive.  There are many books out there on how to make projects.  Please subscribe to my loom knitting channel on YouTube for goodknitkisses for more.  you can also find lots of free patterns out there or even inexpensive ones from different sellers on

Happy Looming!!

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