Rectangle Loom: Casting Off & Finish Loose Beginning End of Panel

Casting Off & Finish Loose Beginning End of Panel

Hi loom fans! This is Kristen again with GoodKnit Kisses with more helpful tips and tutorials for YOU!

Today I've uploaded two new videos to my YouTube Site!

One video shows casting off the rectangular loom from a Twisted Knit Stitch or Single Rib Stitch. The next video does something I've never found by using Google or searching videos on YouTube. Trust me this will SAVE YOU TIME and YARN!  yay!

When I first learned to loom knit I figured out how to cast off or bind off my project from the loom but the starting end or side (beginning part you first cast on) always loosed "looser" than the final side.  If you crochet then it doesn't bother you.  You are probably finishing that end or adding a crochet border around he whole piece.  I didn't know how to make this EASIER so I made up my own.  The benefit was no extra yarn was needed!!  This is great if you ran out of that yarn after making a long scarf or panel.  It's also very quick!  I hope this helps you on your next project.  PLEASE come back and comment or let me know on my YouTube channel.  I'd love to hear from you.  Here is the video...thanks for tuning in and Happy Looming!! ©2011 GoodKnit Kisses

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©2011 GoodKnit Kisses

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Hi I am making a sleeping bag for my 2 1/2 year old nephew. I am at a point were I want to create the opening along the sides. How do I do that. Any help would be appreciated were I am pointing is the end I'd like to open up.

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